Improving customer experience and engagement goes through the design and implementation of campaigns that support the Company in interaction and in dialogue with current and potential customers, in order to gain satisfaction. In the "remote" relationship, where the online communication may be limited, due to greater coldness and less interactivity with the users, the phone channel gives more guarantees, especially when contacting some "kind" of profiles. Information services are personalized,and perceived as more "human" and will give the chance to manage feedbacks in real time. Assistance is interactive, enhances user confidence, and does not want to complete the purchase process. Listening to a friendly and experienced voice, improves user experience and supports online commerce, giving a "friendly" and professional image, is also useful for cross-selling and up-selling strategies. Thanks to the experience gained in contacts and phone interviews, as well as in the management and training of operators, we develop inbound and outbound telemarketing activities expecially designed to semplify contacts and provide added value to the business proposition.

In order to generate leads and sales and improve the reputation of each Company, Staff & Call develops a hiring map where each campaign is integrated into the existing business system or it contributes to create a new and customized one. Through accurate audits and test campaigns, we evaluate the level of activity (type of activity and channels), integration (marketing, sales / sales, IT) and CRM redemption,Staff&Call defines softwares and Data Base's addresses to be contacted , and also we train our staff to "manage" conversations.

  • Acquire new customers
  • Propose goods and services
  • The loyalty of the already acquaired field of customers
  • Handle and increase agenda's appointments agendas

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