In order to achieve your business goals, an action plan should be developed to increase the value of strengths, and to act on the weaknesses of the sales network, starting from knowing the market positioning and to keep a constant eye on monitoring business' activities. Thanks to the significant experiences and excellent results achieved in professional fields as publishing, automotive, banking as well as insurance and markets, we have developed an integrated system of activities that support commercial networks, simplifying and making it more effective and profitable for the sellers.

Staff & Call provides integrated and multichannel solutions for the management,the support, and the control of the sales network, with a new and effective operational marketing approach that puts the customer at the center of the business, allowing the customer self to successfully negotiate and improve interactions, and also providing data and information for the tactical and strategic choices of corporate management. These activities specifically concern:

  • Searching for new customers, screening and support campaigns by making appointments and order gathering, promotional recall and call to action - Lead management
  • Territorial Analysis - Geomarketing and Benchmarking
  • Markets, products & services and customers studies - Targeting and Profiling
  • Testing Procurement, Communication and Sales Processes - Mystery Client Study

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